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1.Asakhi Kasei Microdevices Corporation(C)


 2.Asakhi Kasei Microdevices Corporation(H)


3. Asakhi Kasei Microdevices Corporation(I)


4. New Japan Radio Co. Ltd(NJRC)  


5. Noritake Co. Limited                    

6. Hirschmann Automation and Control Inc.                

7. SKS Kontakttechnik GmbH


8. Greenliant Systems







 Alliance product lines (with UKC Group):


1.       Transphorm Inc.


2.       E-SOL Co., Ltd.




1.      Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation(C)

Fine pattern coil instead of traditional winding coil in the field of small/mini machinery.

Mini Fan,  Hand-Shake Reduction, Micro Vibrator Motor, Micro Motor.

OIS function (Optical Image Stabilization function)

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2.    Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation(H)

Hall Element, Hall IC., Linear Hall Effect IC, SMRE, Current Sensor :

Application: CPU Fan, Cooling Fan, DC Brushless Motor, Current Sensor, Magneic Sensor, Flow Meter, Current/Voltae Meter, DC Inverter Air Conditioner, PV inverter, Solar Power, Servo/Inverter Controller for DC Motor, Power Window, Open/Close Switch. Door Switch. Micro Switch, Position Sensor, Rotation Speed Sensor, Rotary Pulse Encoder, Detection of Gear Rotation, Ferrous Material Detector.
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Hall Element, Hall IC, MG sensor :

Application: NB, DV, DSC, Cell Phone, VCM actuator, CCM, OIS, Close-loop AF.

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3.Asahi Kasei Mircodevices Corporation(I)

Communication Products : Hands-Free , RF,  PCM, Codec. Analog Cordless Telephone,  
    2-Way Radio Femtocell..

Digital Audio : ADC, DAC Codec. I Codec, S/PDIF. Sampling Rate Converters. DSP. USB. TV Audio.

Video: A/V Interface, Amps & Switches, Encoders & Decoders, Analog Front Ends.

Sensor Products: Hall-Effects, IR Sensor.

Clock Devices: Single Clock Generators, Spread Spectrum. Multi-Clock Generators, Clock Buffers,

Power Devices

Audio Amplifiers
Touch Screen Controllers

.Low Power EEPROM

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-  Electronic Compass

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-          IC for Crystal Oscillator (XO,TCXO,VCXO)

-          Contact: P/M

4.New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.(NJRC)

 MUSES series—The thrust and goal of the MUSES brand is to give music fans the finest sound with our ground-breaking technology-

Op-Amps-MUSES01, MUSES02, MUSES8820, MUSES8920

Electronic Volume-MUSES72320

Automotive ICT&Z SPEC for Extreme Temperature-

Operational Amplifier, Comparator, LDO, Shunt Regulator, Switching Regulator, System Reset

Wide Input Range ProductsSwitching Regulator, Series Regulators, LED Drivers, Switch Drivers, Charge Pumps, Motor Drivers.

Operational Amplifiers---Rail to Rail Input/Output, Rail to Rail Output,Hi-Speed/WideBand,Precision, Low Noise, Special Function for Audio, Low Operating Current, Low Operating Voltage, Small Sized Package, J-FET Input, High Output Current, High Voltage, Shut Down Function, General

Power Supply ICs--LDO ,3-Terminal Voltage Regulator, Switching Regulator IC, Shunt Regulator, Battery Back-up IC, System Reset, Reset IC(Others), Battery Charger IC, Switching Driver IC, Charge Pump IC


Audio--Audio Amplifier,Class D Amplifier

Video ICs:  Video Amplifier, Video Switch, Synchronous Signal Separator and Detector,

Signal Processor for TFT Display, Others

  Motor ICs: DC Brush Motor, FAN Motor, General Motor, Stepper Motor, Actuator

Communication ICs--FM IF Demodulator IC, RF Amplifier, Modulation /Demodulation

GaAs MMICs--Amplifier IC(LNA), Switch Ics(SPXT, DPXT)

LCD Driver--Bit Map Type, Character Type, Segment Type

VFD Driver

LED Driver--White LED Driver, RGB LED Driver, IO Port Extension

Optoelectronic Devices--Photo Diode, Photo Reflector, Ambient Light Sensor

Quartz Crystal Oscillator ICs--Tri-state Buffer, VCXO, Fundamental, 3rd. Over Tone

Analog Switch ICs

Microprocessor Peripheral ICs--IO Port Extension, RTC, RS-232C

A/D Converters ,ASSP(Others)

Audio DSP(Digital Signal Processor)

SAW---SAW Filter, SAW Foundry

Contact : P/M

5. Noritake Co., Limited

Vacuum Fluorescent (VF)Display Glass.

Chip in Glass Driver VF Displays.

Graphic VFD modules.

LCD Compatible VFD Modules.

Active Matrix Graphic VF Display.

Large Fornat 5x7 Dot Character VFD Modules.


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6. Hirschmann Automation and Control Inc.                             

Various Industrial Connectors, wire and cable

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7. SKS Kontakttechnik GmbHD

Test & Measurement

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8. Greenliant Systems

- NAND Controllers  -  55 Series

- Specialty Flash Memory

* Concurrent SuperFlash  - 36 Series

* Many-Time Programmable  - 27, 37 Series

* Page-Write EEPROM –29 series

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- Micro DC fan

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Alliance product lines (with UKC Group)

1. Transphorm Inc.                  

 - GaN(Gallium nitride) HEMT power device.


有關GaN HEMT 介紹如下:


POWER半導體是使用在數位家電、白物家電(必備家電)、電車、電動汽車、乾淨能源、Smart grid等廣範圍的電源電力控制或執行供電任務的半導體。跟一般的半導體比起來,更是被特別要求是所謂高溫、高電壓、諧振之嚴酷的環境下可以穩定的進行動作。




Transphorm製GaN POWER半導體之特長


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2. E-SOL Co., Ltd.

- Anti-scattering film

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